@hpvd opened this Issue on November 17th 2012

Visits from the same visitor with regular intervals should be ignored / there should be a possibility to ignore them in the statistics.
These visits may result from automatic website watchers:

typical intervals would be:
every minute,
every 5 minutes,
every 10 minutes,
every hour
every 4 hours
and everything between these often customizable values...

@mattab commented on November 20th 2012 Member

Thanks for the feature request, it would be nice to have...

@hpvd commented on December 4th 2012

an addition to show the importance of a possibility to exclude regular automatic visitors:

these automatic visitors may not only have a large influence

  • on the visitor count but also
  • on visit time.
    one example:
    if the automatic visitor only stay for 2 seconds every hour, while the 9 human visitors within that hour stay 4 minutes (240 seconds) each
    => you get an average of 216 seconds instead of 240seconds.
    => if the automatic visitor visit the site every half hour, you get an average of only 197 seconds instead of 240seconds.

So if you do a modification on your website and "get" one or more new automatic visitors at the same time, you may make a huge misinterpretation of the results of the modification...

@hpvd commented on December 4th 2012

by the way:
is there a feature/possibility to exclude bots/robots from statistics?
...of course these automatic visitors with non regular visting intervalls may have the same effect on statistics espacially on small or special websites with not that many visitors

ok i just found a plugin which seem to address this

@hpvd commented on September 7th 2013

just noticed another typical behaviour of an automatic visitor:
if some pages of your website are visited at the same time within/within a short period of time (e.g. 2 minutes) from the same vistor/IP

but not as human (or some normal robots) may do via internal link following
but directly coming from external to each page

@hpvd commented on July 16th 2014

a more complete and updated version of this ticket could be found here: ticket #5845
This one could be marked as doublication of the new one.

@mattab commented on August 3rd 2014 Member

Thanks for your suggestions, let's continue discussion in #5845

This Issue was closed on August 3rd 2014
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