@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on November 14th 2012

I run a shared service with several non-admin users and I'm wondering if it would be possible to have a setting in the admin that would allow me to selectively hide elements of the top navigation (i.e. All Websites, Widgets, API, Email Reports) and the "About Piwik 1.9.2".

Currently we just edit the templates but this is obviously not the best approach. Just curious if there's a more elegant way to do this.
Keywords: Hide, Admin, UI, Navigation

@mattab commented on November 14th 2012 Member

Thanks for the suggestion. If you need White Label plugin please see: http://piwik.org/faq/how-to/#faq_170

@mattab commented on December 14th 2012 Member

Contact us for a plugin allowing you full white labelling and User control ACL and permissions: http://new.piwik.org/contact-professional-support

See also: #3389 for advanced permissions ticket

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