@canajun2eh opened this Issue on November 10th 2012

This is a re-post of a bug incorrectly reported in the General Questions forum.

In Piwik 1.9.1, the Visitor Location (City) widget does not behave properly under the following circumstance:

My site has GeoIP (Php) installed and enabled. When the incoming IP address is not in the GeoLite City database from MaxMind, and when that incoming connection is the only one, the Visitor Location (City) widget tells me that the GeoIP feature is not properly installed. The location of this incoming IP address is properly shown as "Unknown".

As soon as my site sees a connection from an IP address that is in the MaxMind database, the above error goes away. The location of that first IP address is, of course, still shown as "Unknown".

I suggest that the error message text be amended to include the possibility that the database is out of date (it wasn't, in my case) or to simply not produce an error message at all when the MaxMind database is present.

@mattab commented on November 13th 2012 Member

I propose that when there is region data, but the geoip is detected as "Working" then we display the standard message "There is no data for this report", Does it sound good capedfuzz?

@diosmosis commented on December 15th 2012 Member

(In [7629]) Fixes #3529, modify message displayed if no data in region/city reports based on whether geoip is currently working or not.

This Issue was closed on December 15th 2012
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