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When detecting site search via URL, we have a similar problem as mentioned in #3201 and fixed with #3187. If the site search query parameter contains square brackets (e.g. search[q]), it is not recognized if the URL is urlescaped. The patch (similar to #3187) I attached fixes the problem for me. But I am not sure if there isn't a better place to take care of the square brackets. Thanks for having a look!
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Thanks for report

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can you please try with 1.9.2-beta from:

For me it is working by specifying the parameter "s" which will track &s[]=search

what exactly is not working for you & that your patch fixes?

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on November 9th 2012

Thanks for getting back to this. The problem still exists in the trunk. To reproduce, please use a url-encoded parameter name (sorry I didn't mention this before), e.g. ?param%5Bsearch%5D=test. It's the same problem as in #3201.

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(In [7521]) Site search improvements

  • Support &kwd[]= notation fixes #3454
  • Support random text case fixes #3539
  • Fixes umlauts regression with non utf8 encoding: Fixes #3450
  • Adding setPageCharset() method to Tracking API FIxes #3565
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