@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on October 15th 2012

I go to the report Pages. In the search box I make a search because I want to make a selection of pages. As an example I enter mypagesX in the search box. The selection of mypagesX show. Next I'd like to export the report. I click on the Export icon and choose TSV (Excel) format. Then I get the error message: No data available. I can see there is data in the report so something goes wrong in the export of the pages I have searched.
Please help me as our sites are big and I often make searches to limit the reports. I'm grateful for any help!
Keywords: export reports, search, selection of pages, generating a report based on a search, export to Excel

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on October 15th 2012

Attachment: A picture showing where the export goes wrong

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on October 22nd 2012

Attachment: Report problem in dev Piwik

@mattab commented on October 19th 2012 Member

Thanks for the report. can you please send the exact steps to reproduce the smae issue on the piwik server at http://demo.piwik.org ? Then we will fix the issue. Thanks!

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on October 22nd 2012

I have reproduced the problem in dev Piwik and I have enclosed a picture showing what I did. If there is something you don't understand let me know and I will try to explain more. Really great if you could fix this! Thanx!

@mattab commented on January 29th 2013 Member
@anonymous-matomo-user commented on January 29th 2013

Now it works!! Maybe the latest upgrade did the trick! Sorry I wasted your time but these are the type of problems we like the most: the ones that solve themselves! ;-)

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