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We are building a mutualized continuous integration plateform based on Sonar, jenkins and Artifactory. and we are studying the possibiltiy to integrate Piwik too.

But since we are using PostgreSQL, and for database homogeneity, we focused on searching a version of Piwik that support Postgres, which we've found and test : https://github.com/tvondra/pg-piwik

So, i'm wondering if this "branch" for postgreSQL, is going to be updated for each new release of Piwik because changes has been done on 1.7.2-rc2, while the actual version is 1.8.4 (which does not support PostreSQL) ?
and is there any support by the Piwik team ?

Thank you
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@robocoder commented on October 8th 2012 Contributor

Ask the dev. If when patch/PR is submitted, it'll be reviewed by the Piwik team at that time.

@mattab commented on February 6th 2014 Member

Please continue the discussion about Postgresql support in the ticket about postgresql: #500

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