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In Piwik a "view" or "admin" user can see all reports.

We could add a new Admin tab, or sub-tab to the Users tab, that would let Super User assign users a set of specific permissions, rather than the default "view all".

Implementation: we could use the existing hook in frontcontroller, that would let a plugin manage the permission to access this specific controller.action call:

Piwik_PostEvent('FrontController.dispatch', $params);

(Note: maybe needs to be moved inside the try block just below.

See a screenshot for an example from another tool.


  • This ticket is related to another feature request, "Define User Groups which are set of pemissions, and assign to users a group".
    • Maybe we should implement this ticket using a "group" mechanism, or maybe not, to be discussed. definitely, definining groups would be better as it would allow to reuse a set of permissions (eg. View all reports except Ecommerce reports), and easily assign to other users.

Anyone interested and have some time, please let's discuss the implementation,

@mattab commented on September 19th 2012 Member
@mattab commented on January 9th 2014 Member

Duplicated by #4488

Btw If you are interested by this feature, contact Piwik experts via: http://piwik.org/consulting/ and we can build it for you!

@matthar commented on September 17th 2015

Hello @mattab ,

i'm very interested in this feature. I've been looking for something like this for hours, but couldn't find a similar solution.

Is this feature already in development?

@mattab commented on September 22nd 2015 Member

@matthar This feature is not in development yet - and not scheduled. But it would be great to have this in Piwik. Maybe oAuth2 could be implemented as standard solution? #906

@pruss commented on January 29th 2016

Do have any estimations how much time and money it would require to implement this feature, i.e. limit access to widgets for users?
Pls drop PM.

@mattab commented on April 24th 2018 Member

A customer also requested the abilty to restrict "View" users and not allow them to create/edit custom dashboards. Maybe if we release an advanced permission system it would need to also handle these extra permissions...

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