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This is a little hard to describe in words.

I check over my hosted blogs to help find spamming IP ranges. My hits included a post entitled "Developmental Psychology, Natural I/O, and Machine Learning" (hecate.darkglass.net/?p=993)

However, in viewing page titles, a quirk was observed where the engine believes that there exists a page "O, and Machine Learning" as a sub-page of another titled "Developmental Psychology, Natural I".

In other words, it failed to differentiate the forward slash as part of the title from a forward slash indicating a path.


How to Reproduce the problem?

Untested conjecture:
Create a new page with a title field containing a forward slash. Generate a hit and check Piwik reports on page title.

Expected behavior

As this is a page title, the division into subpages seems irrational; it should not divide at all as part of page title.

@mattab commented on September 7th 2012 Member

See this ticket: #2956 Actions>Page Titles believes there is a subpage if page <title> includes a forwards slash

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