@robocoder opened this Issue on August 28th 2012 Contributor
@robocoder commented on September 4th 2012 Contributor

We have two routes here:

@mattab commented on September 5th 2012 Member

Do you have a good use case for it? maybe we should ask for users who are interested in the feature and comment...?

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on February 20th 2013

+1 for this issue.
We are developing modular web-apps with highly usage of AMD.
It would be awsome to being able to use the piwik-js api as a module,
rather then referencing the global Piwik Object.

It would also make it easier to embed "tracked/tracking/trackable" js-widgets in whitelabel environments.

+1 again ;)

PS: the first route is the one to go :)

@robocoder commented on March 24th 2013 Contributor

In 2eed2eb680ebe191c883bf3cb0dd63a08752efcf: fixes #3352 - expose Piwik as an AMD module (uses the jQuery approach for backward compatibility)

This Issue was closed on March 24th 2013
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