@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on August 27th 2012

The current Visit Duration Tracking is okay, but it works only if the visitor views more than one page (0 actions = 0s).

My suggestion is to track the Visit Duration via JavaScript, like Google Analytics & Co.

  • Normally Visit, JavaScript is active
  • after 10 seconds: JS Request, Visit Duration + 10 seconds...
  • after 20 seconds...
  • and so on...

If the visitor opens a new page, you can use the current visit duration (difference last visit time, visit time now), else the JS Visit Duration time is used.

Would be nice to see this feature in one of the upcoming versions of piwik.

@mattab commented on September 8th 2012 Member

see #2041

This Issue was closed on September 8th 2012
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