@mattab opened this Issue on August 25th 2012 Member

There are interesting data points that Piwik gathers via the first party cookies, which are currently in the Database and API outputs but not in the UI.

This ticket is about making sure the visitor log (and possibly Live widget, but it has less space), will display all info available in the API output.

In particular the following info seem important:



There could on the Returning Visitor Icon Tooltip "

First visit was 531 days ago, and last visited today. This is the 1152nd visit for this visitor. [The visitor made an Ecommerce order M days ago.]

Click to view the last visits for this visitor!

The returning visitor icon when clicked would also open a popover see: #3343

Ideally, the same data as in the tooltip would also be displayed in this popover #3343

@mattab commented on January 10th 2014 Member

This was implemented as part of the Visitor Profile: http://piwik.org/docs/user-profile/


This Issue was closed on January 10th 2014
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