@chmielot opened this Issue on August 23rd 2012

Use case: The canvas legend of pie charts doesn't make sense, actually. Currently a canvas legend with the word "visits" is shown.
This patch prepares piwik to customize plot parameters. Plot parameters that should be allowed to be customized need to be added to Piwik_ViewDataTable::init() to the protected $plotProperties variable. Plot options are then fully under control of PIWIK and if desires arise to customize other parameters as well, they can easily be added.
Of course modifications to jqplot.js are unavoidable to $.extend() the default settings.

Please review and tell if you can think of better implementations. This one seems pretty straight forward and transparent to me.

@chmielot commented on August 23rd 2012
@robocoder commented on August 23rd 2012 Contributor

I think a pre-requisite should be to update libs/jqplot.

@chmielot commented on August 23rd 2012

Replying to vipsoft:

I think a pre-requisite should be to update libs/jqplot.

Is there a ticket to update jqplot? I found a lot of custom functionality in jqplot.js, doesn't seem to be easy to update it.
As the changes in jqplot seem to affect piwik code only, the canvasLegend parameter is still in the docs, and the only thing I've done is to extend the canvasLegend options, this could be merge to 1.8.4, couldn't it? Else we gonna get into trouble when updating to future PIWIK versions. :/ I struggled to do it as good as possible to integrate jqplot options, it's not a dirty hack for that one option 'canvasLegend'. What do you think?

@mattab commented on September 11th 2012 Member

Sorry about the delay in replying. Thank you for the patch!

Did you have any other patches you wished us to commit to help you build better data visualization using Piwik ?

We have put all our ideas and discussion about the Interactive JS Jqplot graphs, in this ticket: #3110

Please comment there if you wish to make a new point or suggestion. Or create new tickets for patches (or submit them in here and we'll review all at once).

regarding updating jqplot, I'm not sure. Have you looked into it? is it doable ?

@mattab commented on October 19th 2012 Member

@chmielot are you still interested to help with jqplot update maybe?

@chmielot commented on October 23rd 2012

@matt, unfortunately I have no time to work on this now. It's possible that I'm gonna have some time to look into it in december, but can't promise anything. In this particular case, better don't count on me.
The patches I submitted arose from use cases I need to support. Nevertheless, none of the patches is a hack and I think they are integrated well.

@mattab commented on December 14th 2012 Member

please reopen if patch

This Issue was closed on December 14th 2012
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