@pebosi opened this Pull Request on June 27th 2014 Contributor

When accepting this change, i will update tests and provide an Update file to change DB Schema.

Please review

@mattab commented on June 30th 2014 Member

+1 for removing Gears. When the tests pass we will be happy to merge your pull request!

@peterbo commented on July 11th 2014 Contributor

+1 for removing gears. But we have to be careful with this kind of changes - this will create a different recognition hash than before and affects every Piwik instance. This can lead to a corruption of metrics for a given recognition timeframe.

For the migration, we could use both hashes (with and without gears "0") but only store the new hash. This would not affect the quality of the metrics and could be completed in the next update (remove gears completely). Legacy code is bad, but the integrity of stats is very important.

@mattab commented on July 15th 2014 Member

This can lead to a corruption of metrics for a given recognition timeframe.

it's fine to change the recognition hash, for example I've changed it in 2.4.0 and it didn't worry me, because by default the hash is only used to match visits in the last 30 minutes though this can be changed

@mattab commented on August 1st 2014 Member

Dear @pebosi

Thank you for this proposed pull request.

Because it was last updated more than one month ago, it is our new policy to close pull requests opened for a long time without updates. If you would like to continue work on the pull request, please consider rebasing the PR to master and we can reopen it.

We hope you understand this and we look forward to seeing an update from you on this pull request or another one :)


@pebosi commented on October 14th 2016 Contributor

Changed base to 3.dev, re-open?

@mattab commented on November 12th 2016 Member

@pebosi I'd like to re-open but the repository where the code was has been deleted so I cannot reopen it directly. Would you be able to re-create the PR? would be great!

@pebosi commented on March 2nd 2020 Contributor

New try, see See #15627

This Pull Request was closed on August 1st 2014
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