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Follow-up on #2708

Here are ideas on how to encourage the use of the new MobileMessaging plugin :

  • When installing Piwik, give the possibility to activate the plugin by adding the following option : "[ ] Enable Text Message Reports on Mobile Phone"
  • In the report listing, for the super user only, without being too visible, add the following footer message : "You can enable Text Message Reports to receive Piwik SMS Reports on your phone!"

Usability improvements :

  • ability to label phone numbers
  • before validating a phone number, remove white spaces
  • make the plugin compatible with PHP < 5.3

Technical improvements :

  • #3325 - Support for POST in Piwik_Http::sendHttpRequest
@julienmoumne commented on August 20th 2012 Member

additional usability improvements

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on August 27th 2012

Let me know if this is the wrong place to post this, it is minor enough that I don't want to create a seperate issue for it.

I found that the "All Websites dashboard" to be difficult to read with the current configuration.
For me it was slightly easier to read if using linebreaks after each website.
Since character limit can be an issue I replaced ". " with linebreak which should mean the same amount of characters. This SMSReport.tpl worked for my provider since it is XML based, but we might need to use another solution for Clockwork: http://pastebin.com/9B2hGsTm

I also added this line in GSMCharset.php

        "\r\n" => 2,

but to be honest I am unsure of the GSM standard for linebreaks.

@julienmoumne commented on August 30th 2012 Member

refs #3325

@mattab commented on November 20th 2012 Member

MobileMessaging should be enabled by default. I rename the ticket because all other tasks mentionned are not applicable since plugin will be enabled by default..

There are only two points left:

  • before validating a phone number, remove white spaces
  • make the plugin compatible with PHP < 5.3

thoughts on these, what's involved in fixing the <5.3 compat?

@julienmoumne commented on December 16th 2012 Member

(In [7639]) refs #3337#comment:7 remove white spaces in submitted phone number

@julienmoumne commented on December 16th 2012 Member

(In [7640]) refs #3337 better management of the PDFReport plugin top menu link

@mattab commented on December 19th 2012 Member

(In [7670]) * Fixing bug, when anonymous user is set with some permission, it should work

  • Also fixing that now adding &debug to the URL will display the backtrace as expected

    Refs #3337

@julienmoumne commented on December 30th 2012 Member

(In [7703]) refs #3337 MobileMessaging installed by default

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on December 31st 2012

Iam currently translating to German and found this language string "MobileMessaging_VerificationText". I think this is the text which will be send to the mobile device. Currently the planned text is very long, but there exists a limit of 160 chars for every SMS. Should this text be as short as possible:

Instead of currently
"Code is %s. To validate your phone number and receive Piwik SMS reports please copy this code in the form accessible via Piwik > %s > %s."

I prefer:

"Code is %s. Please copy this code in the form accessible via Piwik to validate your phone number."

@mattab commented on March 2nd 2013 Member

MobileMessaging was enabled in 1.10 release, so this ticket is closed. Nice!

This Issue was closed on March 2nd 2013
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