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Right now there's an issue w/ Piwik where if there are two many columns in a datatable, the datatable will overlap w/ adjacent elements. Limiting the number of columns a datatable can show will solve this, but will also limit the usefulness of Piwik. There should be a feature that allows DataTables to contain any number of columns and allows users to comfortably view them when necessary.

Such a feature should:

  • Cut off data table columns based on available width in the page.
  • Replace cut-off columns with a '...' column. When clicked it should show the extra columns either by:
    • showing the entire datatable in a pop-up of some sort
    • expanding & pushing everything to the right of it out of its way
  • Allow users to re-compact a datatable after it has been expanded
@mattab commented on September 28th 2014 Member

see also related issue/duplicates #6159

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