@Amenel opened this Issue on July 31st 2012

When the "length of visits" widget is configured to display a pie chart (and only in that configuration), any resizing of the browser window causes the chart to vanish from the page.

Tested in Firefox 12, Opera 11.64, Chromium 11 and IE 9.

When that happens, hovering over the area where the pie chart should have been generates numerous JS errors. These errors are harmless and I wouldn't have noticed them if it hadn't had Firebug installed in Firefox.

@Amenel commented on August 3rd 2012

Attachment: The widget that is affected by the issue.
MWSnap 2012-08-03, 12_51_19 - Piwik widget.png

@Amenel commented on August 3rd 2012
@Amenel commented on August 3rd 2012
@Amenel commented on August 9th 2012

Attachment: Error log in Firebug's console
MWSnap 2012-08-09, 13_59_23-Piwik-pie chart errors in Firebug.png

@mattab commented on August 3rd 2012 Member

Thanks for the report. Do you mean the graph "Visits per visit duration" ? For me it works well in firefox. Can you reproduce on demo ? which URL ?

@Amenel commented on August 3rd 2012

Yes, I mean the graph that shows how long visits last. Please see the attachment for a screenshot of the widget.

I am using 1.8.2 on my website, waavsolutions.com

@mattab commented on August 3rd 2012 Member

Can you reproduce the problem on http://demo.piwik.org/ ?

@Amenel commented on August 3rd 2012

Yes I can reproduce the problem on demo.piwik.org (see attached files for screen captures in FF 12.0) in both FF 12.0 and Opera 11.64.

To reproduce:

  • open demo.piwik.org in a maximized browser window
  • go to the bottom left widget ("Dure des visites" or "Length of visits")
  • change the graph type from "tag cloud" to "piechart"
  • un-maximize the browser windo => all widgets are resized but the pie chart disappears from the webpage while all other widgets retain their previous appearance.

To make the graph appear again, you need to click the pie chart icon.

@Amenel commented on August 9th 2012

I have just added a screenshot of the errors logged in the Firebug console. Maybe that it'll help pinpointing the root cause of this ungodly vanishment

@diosmosis commented on August 9th 2012 Member

(In [6705]) Fixes #3295, make sure Piwik JQPlot class doesn't transform pie chart data twice.

This Issue was closed on August 9th 2012
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