@mattab opened this Issue on July 29th 2012 Member

Reported in forum

Proposal from Anthon:

  We just need to exclude visits with the X-Moz: prefetch (Mozilla), X-Purpose: preview (Safari, Opera), and X-Purpose: instant (Chrome) ```

something like

$_SERVER["HTTP_X_PURPOSE"] == "preview" || $_SERVER['HTTP_X_MOZ'] == "prefetech")

@robocoder commented on August 1st 2012 Contributor

I would have added a UA check as an additional guard against header spoofing.

Also, what about "X-Purpose: instant"?

p.s. is the commit hook not working?

@mattab commented on August 2nd 2012 Member

Did you see any doc on X-purpose: instant?

Header spoofing: that's fine with me if users spoof this header to exclude themselves from tracking? :)

@mattab commented on August 2nd 2012 Member

(In [6638]) Refs #3285

@robocoder commented on August 2nd 2012 Contributor


For Chrome, it was "preview" at one point, and then later changed to "instant". Oh, and at one point, it seems there was also a bug (now fixed) where Chrome sent: "X-Purpose: : instant" (extra colon and space).

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