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Follow up to #3177, See also: #2000

We now have Benchmarking tests in trunk, which could be helpful in testing the speed of running archiving / api requests, and measure with Jenkins the result.

This task involves:

  • look for performance reports plugins for Jenkins
  • How could we feed data to the plugin
  • What reports do we need?
    • Test running time, Time to Track data / Archiving Response time
    • See #2000
  • looking at Jmeter standard which seems to be used in Performance jenkins plugins
  • Note: important to run the tests build on a server that is otherwise idle.

Note from Benaka: Integrating With Jenkins

I've looked at some plugins for Jenkins and found two that might be useful for tracking performance:

 https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Performance+Plugin (this one looks better)

Both of these process XML to get performance data. The benchmarks could be setup to output this XML when certain query parameters are used, and, if possible, Jenkins could get this data and feed it to the plugin. However, I have no experience setting up/configuring Jenkins, so I don't know what this will entail. Or if it's possible.

Currently the Benchmarking code is not used so it would be really nice to put it to use to generate continuous performance reports!

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Or if we didn't want to use Jenkins Plugins and do it manually, we could do a fun project to Report the Build Performance in a Widget in a simple plugin in Piwik.

we could somehow fetch the build HTML result (maybe the historical is not available) with some php in a plugin, and return a historical evolution graph, with several metrics (Total Build time, Test #1 time, Test #2 time, etc) and the table below.

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see #2000 Continuous performance testing

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