@robocoder opened this Issue on July 26th 2012 Contributor

QNAP's latest QPKG for Piwik is 1.4

We should look into packaging it.

See https://github.com/zeon/qpkg-piwik
and http://wiki.qnap.com/wiki/QPKG_Development_Guidelines

@robocoder commented on July 28th 2012 Contributor

(In [6584]) fixes #3279

@mattab commented on July 29th 2012 Member

Very nice! were you able to test it at home? should we do a blog post or documentation page or FAQ?

Is the fact that the build script in fixing the issue, or should we also release these builds?

@robocoder commented on July 29th 2012 Contributor

The advantage of our build script is that it doesn't depend on "qbuild" (which requires a QNAP NAS as the build environment).

svn co https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/piwik/misc/package/QNAP
sh build.sh

I'm waiting for a response from QNAP. I don't have a QNAP NAS to test it with.

@mattab commented on July 29th 2012 Member

Ok thanks for the update, hopefully they will reply to confirm they will use it! :)

@mattab commented on September 2nd 2012 Member

Any update from QNAP on testing the Piwik package?

@robocoder commented on September 2nd 2012 Contributor

No. It looks like QNAP maintains most (if not all) of the .qpkg files. Judging from the release dates for other packages, they update them periodically in batches.

This Issue was closed on September 2nd 2012
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