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Currently Piwik links to external websites from the report. This results in the Piwik URL being leaked to the website that probably linked to us. This is not ideal. Instead, we should not link directly from the report to the external URL but instead link to the proxy script which will hide the referrer URL (Piwik URL and its paramters) and redirect the user safely.

This involves following changes:

  • Move all referer/Pages links in the Visitor Log, In Pages Reports, Referer Websites reports, etc. and have all external links go through the proxy script: ?module=Proxy&action=redirect&url=http://X
  • Add onmousedown= to on the links, so that the toolbar shows the URL, not the redirected/proxied piwik URL.
  • Also add in the outgoing links: rel='noreferrer' which is supported by webkit and soon FF #3147
@mattab commented on August 7th 2012 Member

suggested in #3147

@mattab commented on October 19th 2012 Member

See the first step in #3460

@mattab commented on December 14th 2012 Member

Not sure about this one, since linking all URLS via proxy would prevent from "Copy paste" URLs easily, which could be a usability issue...

@mattab commented on October 17th 2014 Member

Let's focus on #3147 as other items here are not needed.

This Issue was closed on October 17th 2014
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