@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on May 31st 2012

As noted in #2528 the visitor log only shows the current (aggregated) state of a cart in Piwik 1.7.1. Even like the reporter of #2528 I thought after reading:

--- from doc doTrackEcommerceCartUpdate ---
On every Cart update, you must call addEcommerceItem() for each item (product) in the cart, including the items that haven't been updated since the last cart update. Items which were in the previous cart and are not sent in later Cart updates will be deleted from the cart (in the database).
--- from doc doTrackEcommerceCartUpdate ---

I could see which items are added or removed from a cart similar to the log that show each visited page. Just show each cart change as an extra log entry timely fitted in the page log with the information what items are added, what items are removed and which items has a changed quantity. As far as I can see the information much of the information is already contained in the database so this is maybe only some other way to show the cart updates. The only missing information is when a quantity changed.

I will create a screenshot what I think is a better way to show the cart updates.
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@anonymous-piwik-user commented on May 31st 2012

Attachment: An example of a better way to show cart history.

@mattab commented on June 1st 2012 Member

Thanks for the proposal. unfortuantely we don't have the data available, we only know the latest status of the cart. We would know the deleted items however, so we could display that somehow, but let's create a different ticket if needed.

Wont fix because of implementation / lack of data

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on June 1st 2012

I don't understand why a feature request is closed with "wontfix"?

I could understand a "wontfix" if the request goes far away from the project goals or the request is simply not possible to implement. But I can't imagine why a cart history is impossible to implement. I even could understand if someone sayes: "Hmm, this is not a priority we set the milstone to version 99.".

Surely today piwik misses some data but that's the reason I choose "feature request". It should be even possible to gether the required information without any API change or some codes changes in the store code that uses the ecommerce api. You can alway compare the old cart with the new one and create all required information.

I think it would be nice to enhance piwik to show a much more detailed view what's happening in a store than today.

@mattab commented on June 1st 2012 Member

Sure we might end up implementing it (we sometimes reopen tickets ;)) but OK to leave it open, as indeed it might be something more users will request

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