@diosmosis opened this Issue on May 26th 2012 Member

The function ViewDataTable::disableGenericFilters will set $this->variablesDefault[ "disable_generic_filters" ] to true, but this data is never used again. So the function has no real effect. This should be fixed w/o causing any regressions. I think currently only the Live plugin calls this function.

@mattab commented on May 28th 2012 Member

I think it's useful:

    $requestString .= '&disable_generic_filters='.Piwik_Common::getRequestVar('disable_generic_filters', 1, 'int');

and is used in ResponseBuilder

    if(0 == Piwik_Common::getRequestVar('disable_generic_filters', '0', 'string', $this->request))
This Issue was closed on May 28th 2012
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