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ImageGraph just displays a message _"The column 'revenuediscount' was not found in this report" when opening "Ecommerce orders" with metric "Tax" on Piwik Mobile.

Example url:

The metric 'revenue' works but the lines are a bit too big, I'll attach an image to visualize this.

Further not working metrics are 'revenue_tax', 'items', 'revenue_subtotal', 'revenue_shipping' and 'avg_order_revenue'.

I always set the column and filter_sort_column parameter to the current selected metric in Piwik Mobile. This has the advantage that the displayed graph is in accordance with the list of displayed report data. It works fine for reports like "VisitsSummary.get" but just not for Ecommerce report.

Is this a bug? Is it possible to render a graph for these metrics?

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Thanks for the report. What are the URLs that have problems?

Screenshot: I don't know why these metrics in particular would have a broken Y axis... ?

Are these "broken" graphs available 1 click away from the main menu? or does the user has to pick to see these graphs? This could change the priority on the ticket I guess

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Yes. The 'revenue' graph is just one click away from the main menu. The graph is directly displayed when selecting the report "Ecommerce orders". Here is the link (you just have to add the token_auth):


Other metrics look fine. Haven't seen similar issues before.

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The ImageGraph.get API method does not take $idGoal as a parameter : https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/plugins/ImageGraph/API.php#L95

Processed reports are retrieved without any idGoal : https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/plugins/ImageGraph/API.php#L256

The data you get is therefore not related to eCommerce. This explains why eCommerce metrics are not recognized.

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(In [6428]) Refs #3132 This doesn't seem to be enough yet

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(In [6432]) Fixes #3132 The last bug was that the graph expects numbers, but we passing strings containing currency symbol, which was casting as 0

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