@jacobshare opened this Issue on May 1st 2012

The Chartbeat demo site shows their nifty dashboard widget in the upper-lefthand corner that displays in real-time how many people are active on your site.

At minimum, I'd like to have a widget that shows how many people are currently on the site. That count could be based on active sessions, for example.

Ideally, just like in Chartbeat, it would be nice to also know for those active sessions:

  1. the ratio of desktop:mobile referrals
  2. the ratio of direct:links:search:social referrals
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@jacobshare commented on May 1st 2012

Attachment: Screenshot of Chartbeat's real-time visitor count widget

@mattab commented on May 2nd 2012 Member

It would be very easy to have a new Widget showing the number of visits and page views in the last 2 min (which we could define as Real time)

We also would need to prepare a new report to clearly rerport Mobile visits VS non mobile visits. I created a new ticket for this: #3133

In chartbeat what do they mean by "concurrent visits" do you know ?

@mattab commented on June 4th 2012 Member

We now have the Mobile VS Desktop report in 1.8.1

@jacobshare commented on June 4th 2012

That IS a cool new report, but it's not real-time or even a sub-section of a real-time widget as I requested. But thanks for updating me. I upgraded to 1.8.1 and am loving the row reports

@mattab commented on August 7th 2012 Member

What are your thoughts on this one, would you like to give a try to the Real time visitor count widget?

@sgiehl commented on November 1st 2012 Member

We can not really give the same report as chartbeat does. The chartbeat tracking pixel sends an update request every 10 seconds or so to tell the server that the user is still online. the graph shows the users which have send an request within the last X seconds.
I would suggest to build a plugin doing exactly that. It would also allow us to have more exactly visit durations.

@mattab commented on November 1st 2012 Member

This will be done in this ticket #2041 to ping the page every N seconds

@mattab commented on December 26th 2012 Member

Postponing until specification is clarified

@jacobshare commented on March 12th 2013

Woohoo! Can't wait!

@diosmosis commented on March 24th 2013 Member

In 1c181d9d94b38ecfec68fea902a6daa66a23ebaa: Fixes #3131, add new auto-updating widget that displays the number of visitors, visits and actions in the last N minutes.


  • Added visitors metric to result of Live.getCounters.
@diosmosis commented on March 24th 2013 Member

In 043c34972aad0a291476e1a370a12800c2921885: Refs #3131, fixing build

@halfdan commented on March 24th 2013 Member

@jshare: You might also want to take a look at a plugin I recently wrote https://github.com/halfdan/piwik-barometer-plugin

@jacobshare commented on March 24th 2013

@halfdan pure awesomeness. I got this working right away once I upgraded my dev piwik install to 1.11.1 (from 1.9.x).

Does the barometer needle ever move, or is it just the barometer colors and numbers that change?

I also noticed the time barometer too, cool stuff.

@halfdan commented on March 24th 2013 Member

@jshare, the needle moves depending on the number of visits you have. I haven't got around to animate the visit once it updates, but this will come. Barometer colors are fixed (25% red, 25-75% yellow, >75% green), but if you have a suggestion on how they should change, let me know.

If the needle didn't move for you but the numbers changed, then this indicates that the "visit in the last 30 minutes" vs. "max visits in 30min interval over 30days" ratio hasn't changed.

@jacobshare commented on April 3rd 2013

Sweet! Onward and upward! Great to see this is happening.

@mattab commented on April 3rd 2013 Member

you'll be happy to know it's already available in latest beta: http://builds.piwik.org/piwik-1.12-b4.zip (which works beautifully btw)

@jacobshare commented on April 10th 2013

I upgraded my main site's Piwik install over the weekend to 1.11.1 and immediately put the barometer on the dashboard. Since it appeared, the numbers haven't changed at all in the past few days (from the left: 0 - 61 - 122 - 183). I would have thought that was the maximum number of visits in a 30min interval over 30days, but traffic has been trending upward the past few days, so I'd be surprised if that was true.

This Issue was closed on April 10th 2013
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