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The Allow/Deny/Satisfy directives are potentially problematic if the corresponding Apache module isn't loaded.

Note: Satisfy lives outside of core in Apache 2.4.

@robocoder commented on April 28th 2012 Contributor

(In [6227]) fixes #3129

@robocoder commented on May 29th 2012 Contributor

(In [6359]) refs #3129 - for Apache 2.2, it must be mod_authz_host.c (not mod_authz_host); also, we need to wrap it with !mod_access_compat as this module still exists in Apache 2.4 but Allow/Deny were moved to mod_access_compat

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on May 9th 2014

I still have this problem with Piwik 2.2.2 and Apache 2.4.
Tha automatically generated .htaccess is not valid. It gives the error Invalid command 'Deny', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

I found this workaround:

  • I edited each .htaccess file manually
  • I set each .htaccess file read only

My .htaccess files look like this (I didn't care about finding a way to express this conditionnally):

<Files ~ "\.(php|php4|php5|inc|tpl|in|twig)$">
Require all denied
<Files ~ "\.(test\.php|gif|ico|jpg|png|svg|js|css|swf)$">
Require all granted

These are the access/authenication modules that are installed:

  • auth_basic_module
  • authn_core_module
  • authn_file_module
  • authz_core_module
  • authz_groupfile_module
  • authz_host_module
  • authz_user_module
    I don't have access_compat_module installed
@mattab commented on May 13th 2014 Member

The other day I stumbled upon this commit in phpbb: https://github.com/phpbb/phpbb/pull/2386/files#diff-f72a38c4bec79cc6ded3f8e435d6bd55L11

Maybe we could check out this one, and possibly how other popular open source projects have sorted their .htaccess so it works across all server configurations.

@mattab commented on May 13th 2014 Member

@lmeyer please post your comment/ feedback on this ticket: #4499

(this one is too old, thanks!)

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