@robocoder opened this Issue on April 26th 2012 Contributor

For mysqli, you only have to prepend host with "p:" but currently, must edit config.ini.php manually to do so.

We should allow this at time of installation. However, in plugins/Installation/Controller.php databaseSetup() tries to parse a port if a colon is present, and so incorrectly splits this into host=p, port=localhost.

For PDO, I believe we have to set persistent = true.

@robocoder commented on April 26th 2012 Contributor

We can detect the mysqli extension is built with mysqlnd if one of the following functions exists: mysqli_get_client_stats(),
mysqli_get_connection_stats(), or mysqli_get_cache_stats().

We can't detect whether or not PDO_MYSQL is built with mysqlnd. We could infer its presence by the presence of mysqlnd.* ini settings, e.g., count(ini_get_all('mysqlnd')) > 0

@mattab commented on May 3rd 2012 Member

AFAIK persistent connections would be useful mostly for the Server log parsing use case?
Or do you think / tests show that it could benefit other standard use cases as well?

@mattab commented on December 14th 2012 Member

Not as critically important now that we have a BUlk tracking API and Bulk analytics API... they use 1 Mysql connection for 100 or 500 visits/pageviews.

Leaving open since it would still benefit some users for sure. Linked from #1999

@mattab commented on February 4th 2014 Member

Since we now have bulk tracking via our tracking API, which can be used with the Log Analytics tool, and that we have implemented + documented the new Log Replay / High scalability tracking (click to read the FAQ) #3632

ie. this ticket is not required anymore

This Issue was closed on February 4th 2014
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