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By using standard protocols (FTP, Web-services, ..) the Report Publisher plugin can automatically and periodically send reports to third-party systems.

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Configure Report and Send Report via FTP)
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@julienmoumne commented on June 15th 2012 Member

Attachment: Send report via FTP

@julienmoumne commented on June 15th 2012 Member

Attachment: Configure a report to be sent via FTP

@mattab commented on May 3rd 2012 Member

Thanks for the suggestion!
We won't do that in Core probably so closing. Good to hear #2708 is making progress :)

@julienmoumne commented on June 14th 2012 Member

(In [6478]) fixes #2708

refs #5491

  • PDFReports major refactoring. Any plugin can now add new kinds of reports. Required for #2708 and #3118.
  • test report functionality ($idReport == 0) dropped in Piwik_PDFReports_API->generateReport()
  • All Websites report shows 3 more metrics: Goal Conversions, eCommerce Conversions and eCommerce Revenue. Can be removed if asked to.
  • Piwik_PDFReports_API->sendEmailReport renamed to sendReport
  • All Piwik_PDFReports_API method signatures updated to support generic report parameters
    refs #389
  • new API method to retrieve only one Piwik site : Piwik_MultiSites_API->getOne()
  • per #2708 description, Piwik_MultiSites_API methods now support a new parameter named enhanced. When activated, Goal Conversions, eCommerce Conversions and eCommerce Revenue along with their evolution will be included in the API output.
  • API metrics refactored in (@ignored)Piwik_MultiSites_API->getApiMetrics()
  • Metadata now returns 12 metrics : nb_visits, visits_evolution, nb_actions, actions_evolution, revenu, revenue_evolution, nb_conversions, nb_conversions_evolution, orders, orders_evolution, ecommerce_revenue, ecommerce_revenue_evolution
    refs #3118
  • ReportPublisher plugin could now easily be implemented
    commits merged
  • r6243
  • r6422 (#3012)
  • the MobileMessaging settings page may need some embellishment
  • @review annotations need some attention
  • test if the MultiSites API evolutions have some impact on Piwik Mobile and other client code
@mattab commented on July 26th 2012 Member

Wonderful work. This plugin will be the perfect first candidate when we release the official Plugins Repository, simple yet really useful for some users :-) NICE!!

And of course thanks for showcasing the architecture you developed as part of the SMS plugin. Because it is true that architecture without an example can be very useless. By doing this plugin you ensure the code really works and can be used easily to add new publishing platforms!

@julienmoumne commented on February 14th 2013 Member
@julienmoumne commented on February 25th 2013 Member

github repo renamed to follow best practices

@mattab commented on February 6th 2014 Member

The plugin is now available on the Marketplace: http://plugins.piwik.org/ReportPublisher

@Julien maybe you find some time to update the description of the plugin (explaining the benefits to the user, why is this plugin useful) and adding one screenshot in screenshots/name-here.png

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