@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on April 20th 2012

The lost password function is not working. Steps to reproduce:

1.) Make sure you are logged out and you have a fresh session

2.) Goto piwik login page

3.) Click 'Lost password'

4.) Enter a valid e-mail

5.) Click Sent

=> Result: There will be an error message, saying that you can't use the function because you are not logged in.
Keywords: lost password, reset password

@mattab commented on May 3rd 2012 Member

Work for me . can you please try in the latest 1.7.2 -rc8 ? http://builds.piwik.org/?C=N;O=D

@robocoder commented on May 3rd 2012 Contributor

If the problem persists, send us SSH/FTP login credentials for your Piwik host so we can diagnose. Email to hello (at) piwik.org

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on June 11th 2012

Only in 1.7.1 the problem occured. Thanks for fixing!

This Issue was closed on June 11th 2012
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