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This ticket is a placeholder to link to all tickets and ideas related to improving the JS/Jqplot Graphs in Piwik.

See the following tickets:

  • #3109 Support horizontal bar charts for better data visualization
  • #3082 "Actions per visit" and others should be plotted on a new Y axis with lower values
  • #2829 Axis display percentage sign
  • #2786 Plotting any filtered /searched row
  • #2159 Allow to plot more than 30 last X, for example plot last 265 days of revenue or visits..
  • #1253 Annotations / markers displayed in the graph
  • #1915 Saving and restoring the picked metrics for each user
  • #3528 Display Goals metrics in the picker
  • #2955 If you try to view a graph that spans over a year or so, you get unreadable X axis labels
  • "Show running average line": Below Evolution Graph, a new "Cog" icon feature. it would show the running average for the current evolution graph (was suggested in #1718).
  • #3661: Enable logarithmic scale in evolution charts
@mattab commented on September 7th 2012 Member

Reported in forum:

  • X Axis labels should display when there is enough space
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