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In #1552, it was contemplated that a plugin many not want/need an entire settings screen of its own. In #2233, it came to pass that the PrivacyManager plugin consolidated various privacy-related configuration settings.

Finding all the privacy-related configuration settings is convenient for the user, but the approach appears to break convention, i.e., a plugin should do one thing, and do it well.

To restate, we should have small, loosely coupled plugins.

Use case: the OptOut plugin was co-opted by the PrivacyManager plugin. As a separate plugin we would have enabled third-party developers to provide a MegaOptOut plugin that may meet other user needs (e.g., configurability).

This ticket proposes a configuration framework that plugins can expose.


  • strip down the PrivacyManager plugin so that it's a configuration UI/UI only; as a "manager", it would hook into the admin menu
  • split out OptOut and LogDataPurger into separate plugins; AnonymizeIP and DoNotTrack would remain as separate plugins
  • each of the privacy-related plugins would implement a controller+view but not hook into the admin menu directly
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@mattab commented on January 13th 2014 Member

This was implemented as part of #4126

See the examples of LiveTab plugin (its own settings page) and ExamplePlugin - you can customize settings in the "Plugin Settings" admin menu.

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