@robocoder opened this Issue on March 12th 2012 Contributor

Right now, the PHP version (and some runtime options) used by the CI server for testing can be set by Jenkins via environment variables, e.g.,

  • PHP_VERSION - the default is currently 5.3.10

However, these env vars are lost when using curl requests; the server then falls back to the defaults.

This ticket proposes:

  • on curl requests to localhost or, we set an X- header for the desired PHP version, e.g., X-PHP; this can be further protected by a config option (default suppresses this header) or maybe an alternate adapter (i.e., if we refactor Http.php)
  • the php-cgi wrapper script would then select the PHP version specified by (in order of preference) X_HTTP_PHP, PHP_VERSION, default.
@mattab commented on March 20th 2012 Member

Does it mean that we are closer to being able to test multiple PHP versions on Jenkins? :)

X- header is a good solution, only set the header when the config setting was set (which should only be used on the Piwik QA server and not by users anyway).


@robocoder commented on November 13th 2012 Contributor

Don't have the time to build a custom solution. Travis-ci makes this easy.

This Issue was closed on November 13th 2012
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