@mattab opened this Issue on March 8th 2012 Member

It is becoming VERY painful to execute integration tests. Thanks to Benaka changes, at least now we can easily execute tests separately.

But still running one test on my dev box, for example test trunk/tests/integration/EcommerceOrderWithItems.test.php takes 5 minutes.

We could maybe:

  • Profile (xdebug) and find out why it is so slow?
  • implement quick fixes as something must be wrong or inefficient
  • or maybe there is a local change I can make on WXP to make tests faster?

It's important to take care of Piwik core team time as it is very limited. One integration test taking 5 minutes is really not acceptable!

How long does it take on your box to run trunk/tests/integration/EcommerceOrderWithItems.test.php ?

@mattab commented on March 8th 2012 Member

Note: this test (and few others) fails currently, which is still something that needs investigation.

@mattab commented on March 8th 2012 Member

Ouch I understand partially: it seems that the [Debug] always_archive_day=1 was picked up by tests! now it's much faster (35s).

This Issue was closed on March 8th 2012
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