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I am tracking 750+ sites with > 100,000 page views/day. I notice when that the Live Visitors section often attempts to show (if the js doesn't crash the browser first) a visit that contains all of the pages (or all sites, not sure) registered in the system. I haven't been able to really figure out what's happening here because the browser usually crashed or slows it down to the point that I can't do anything. But I notice that loads a visit with a HUGE list of pages they "viewed". Thousands of those little multi colored folder icons. Mousing over them shows all (or most) of the sites we are tracking.

I ran this query (nearly crashed the server):

SELECT * FROM piwik_log_visit WHERE DATE( visit_last_action_time ) = '2012-02-28' ORDER BY visit_total_actions DESC

Found a bunch of rows with > 100 actions but couldn't really see how to track it to a certain visitor. I searched "piwik_log_link_visit_action" for the "idvisitor" but 0 rows found for them. If you could advise I could try to give more information.

The most actions was about 450 but there are far more actions showing on the live visitors if I had to guess.

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I finally managed to grab a snapshot of one of the Live Action xhr calls using Chrome. It looks as though it's listing every page throughout ALL my sites. The page was ~14MB worth of data. I managed to do it twice and noticed the same visitor IP both times.

DNS resolved ( to (

A quick Google shows it's a China IP address that many other people are complaining about it hammering their sites.

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(In [5933]) Refs #2989 Excluding chinese bot hammering websites from being tracked. Thanks @theboss for report.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on February 29th 2012

You should still consider coding something in to limit the amount of actions it shows in the live widget.

Also, it sort of shows a bigger issue that if one IP visits many sites this can keep happening. Perhaps a way to detect these bots that it sees a lot of hits on different tracked sites from. And/or you could separate them into separate visits instead of grouping them?

@mattab commented on February 29th 2012 Member

The ticket is not closed, definitely I will add a cap maybe at 100 pages, to both limit the number of SQL queries and not crash the browser on display.

Also, it sort of shows a bigger issue that if one IP visits many sites this can keep happening.

Definitely, but it's hard to work around that in a simple way... we could automatically delete/ignore all these visitors from the aggregation, but where to set the limit? plus, some use cases might need to keep track of everything (to find out abusing users, etc)

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on March 1st 2012

You know best how users use piwik and the optimal way to fix issues like this so I trust whatever you decide. =)

Thanks for all the good work!

@mattab commented on March 20th 2012 Member

(In [6079]) Fixes #2989

  • Capping pages displayed to 100 and displaying a message if there were some pages truncated
  • Note: it would have been maybe better to change the API and add a new parameter to limit pages per visitor, but because we still want to display all pages in the Visitor Log, this hack is fine
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