@robocoder opened this Issue on February 23rd 2012 Contributor

From feedback:

If the database password contains a double quote the activation of a plugin leads to an inoperable installation because the single quotes around the password are replaced with doble quotes without escaping the double quote inside the password. Piwik 1.7

@robocoder commented on February 26th 2012 Contributor

Not reproducedable in 1713 branch.

I was only able to reproduce this in trunk by manually modifying the password and not encoding the double quotes, e.g.,

password = 'some"thing'

and then activating/deactivating a plugin.

Otherwise, it works when Piwik writes the password and encodes it as:

password = "some"thing"

So, I'm marking this as worksforme.

This Issue was closed on February 26th 2012
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