@mattab opened this Issue on February 20th 2012 Member

Currently, if the html page <title> is "Test / Hello", Piwik will report in Actions > Page Titles the directory "Test", clickable to open the sub page "Hello".

This is confusing for users, because often, slash characters in the page title, does not imply a notion of hierarchy.

However, as we document it on the JS tracking doc, it is possible to set the document title to a given value and use this technique to classify page titles in a given hierarchy, eg. "Article / Sport / XYZ".

Because by default Page titles do not contain hierarchy, I propose that:

  • when setDocumentTitle is called, we do split the page title based on the slash character
  • In the default Javascript tracking code, when setDocumentTitle is not used, we do NOT split the page titles and never create the sub category.
    • Implementation wise, we could eg. have a different named argument when setdocumentTitle is called ("title") VS when the default <title> value is used (parameter currently named "action_name").

This was reported in this post, #1532, #3364, and I often got frustrated myself with this problem.

@mattab commented on September 7th 2012 Member

Also reported in #1532, #3364

@ataraxie commented on November 20th 2014

What is the status on this issue? We're eagerly waiting for it's solution :innocent:

@cuhkrain commented on January 20th 2015

Dear Mattab,

May i know if this resolved in the latest version?

My boss is asking about this strange behaviors.


@mdehaas commented on January 2nd 2016

Since this bug is still open and no activity for almost one year... Will this bug be fixed? When? And are there workarounds to go around this problem? For the PHP Tracker I am replacing forward slashes with "-" in my code, This could also be done for the javascript code I think... I'm not using JS on a site with the issue now and am not really good at it. If anyone has a code sample to share, please do.

$unslashed = str_replace ("/" , "-" , "Lego Stadler GTW 2/8 Full Render");
Replace the last string with the string containing the title.

@kongsted commented on March 15th 2016

Why is this bug closed, and the other issue refereed to marked as "duplicate" - then it's no longer reported as a bug?

@mattab commented on March 15th 2016 Member

@kongsted this issue is still opened

@mattab commented on September 28th 2017 Member

This is an annoying issue, and probably a quick fix, so moving to 3.3.0

@sgiehl commented on September 28th 2017 Member

Why should that be a bug? Imho that is expected behavior. Action title reports are splitted by / as it is defined as such in config.
This is not done in JS. This is "calculated" while archiving the reports.

@mattab what would be your expected fix? Change the default character here or remove that feature for title reports?

@mattab commented on September 28th 2017 Member

what would be your expected fix? Change the default character here or remove that feature for title reports?

To bring flexibility when needed (and not break completely when some users rely on this feature), proposal is:

  • leave the feature available,
  • but disable it by default (eg. by setting empty delimiter action_title_category_delimiter=)
@mattab commented on September 28th 2017 Member

We'll need to announce it clearly in the developer changelog and the user changelog too

This Issue was closed on November 29th 2018
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