@mattab opened this Issue on February 13th 2012 Member

I have put the unifont.ttf on demo.piwik.org

Now all graphs are generated with this font. The text is not as pretty as the standard built in ttf font.

We should therefore only use the unicode font when it is needed (for Japanese, Russian, Chinese, etc.).

See screenshots

@mattab commented on February 13th 2012 Member

Attachment: With unifont, text is a bit squared

@mattab commented on February 15th 2012 Member

(In [5840]) Fixes #2928
Only use unicode font for languages that need it (otherwise looks a bit ugly)

@robocoder commented on February 15th 2012 Contributor

That's not exactly correct. A user may have English as his/her language, but the content (eg keywords) may require unifont.

I wonder if there are font designers who can improve unifont for us (and the free software community at large)? Eg add more anti-aliasing hints.

@mattab commented on February 15th 2012 Member

Good point, I didn't think of the case where for example "Page titles" or "Keywords" would contain unicode characters. At least it should work for most use cases. Also these graphs that could contain unicode are not displayed by default in PDF/html.

But definitely we would need better open source unicode fonts...

@cloph commented on February 18th 2012

Too bad - that change is rather non-obvious, and that list of 13 languages doesn't really cut it/is far from being comprehensive.. for those you don't need a font that covers all of unicode either. You know about droid fonts? For the ranges covered by the languages in the list it should be OK.

I suggest to forget about the idea of trying to find that looks good in all languages/script.

(Also let me note that the default font also has its problem/is far from looking "nice" - just see the kerning/horizontal letter positioning on the word "Others" or in "Explorer" - so while the unifont might be "a little square" (terminal font style), it at least has proper/better looking character spacing... http://demo.piwik.org/index.php?module=API&method=ImageGraph.get&idSite=3&apiModule=UserSettings&apiAction=getBrowser&token_auth=anonymous&graphType=horizontalBar&period=month&date=today&width=500&height=250)
I will just replace tahoma.ttf with unifont.tff to bypass this change.

@robocoder commented on February 18th 2012 Contributor

The reason unifont.ttf looks the way it does is because it's generated from bitmap fonts (8x16 or 16x16).

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