@robocoder opened this Issue on January 19th 2012 Contributor

Add support for plugins to be able to load their own config files. This allows plugins to be increasingly self-contained in their own folder.

  • modify ExamplePlugin to add config folder
  • default config file name will be local.config.php
@robocoder commented on January 19th 2012 Contributor

(In [5684]) fixes #2871 - add plugin-specific config file loader

Also refactored ExamplePlugin to be a better example.

  • 1 class per file
  • add config folder with .htaccess
  • add tests folder with some unit tests
@robocoder commented on January 20th 2012 Contributor

(In [5685]) refs #2871 - svn ignore local.config.php; use PIWIK_USER_PATH instead of PIWIK_INCLUDE_PATH

This Issue was closed on January 20th 2012
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