@mattab opened this Issue on December 26th 2011 Member

Report by Thomas:
the parameter 'filter_sort_column' does not always work. It works for default metrics like nb_visits, nb_actions but not for processedMetrics like nb_actions_per_visit, bounce_rate, avg_time_on_site


@mattab commented on April 27th 2014 Member

Moving bugs to our current milestone to make the backlog more realistic.

@tsteur commented on May 6th 2014 Member

In 695c3c3eb038a5905e7c17ebfaaefc1ba0044deb: refs #2838 committing this change to see if tests still pass (takes hours on my VM), should fix the not working filter_sort_column in API.getProcessedReport

@tsteur commented on May 6th 2014 Member

In 4b42a45820252c1bd004861797cebd54bb912571: refs #2838 fix some tests by not deleting rows if report has contstant rows count

@tsteur commented on May 6th 2014 Member

In c81ebd791f9b211e1d444c14ba956df2bd8e3149: refs #2838 fix some tests and added some tests to make sure filter works

@tsteur commented on May 6th 2014 Member

In a29662b2ea02fbb67ef9e80cff7ae5dae823a641: fixes #2838 this should fix the last remaining test

This Issue was closed on May 6th 2014
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