@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on November 25th 2011

VisitsSummary module's action 'getSparklines' has broken images when using a segment in the URL params. Instead of sparklines, broken images appear.
E.g.: http://demo.piwik.org/index.php?module=VisitsSummary&action=getSparklines&idSite=3&period=month&date=2011-11-24&disableLink=1&segment=country==DE,country==US&token_auth=e559d132f5eda5d8c2d3ce037cfd99a7
Good news! I fixed it locally, and will be submitting a patch soon. It was only a 3-line

fix: reaplce lines Piwik_Common, lines 390-392 "$exploded = explode('=',$value);
$name = $exploded[0];
$value = $exploded[1];



The problem was normally the inputted value is just a key=value string, but for segments its key=subkey==value, so exploding on '=' broke lost everything after the second '='.
Keywords: segment, sparklines,

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on November 25th 2011
@mattab commented on November 25th 2011 Member

Thanks for report and patch!

@robocoder commented on November 26th 2011 Contributor

(In [5483]) fixes #2801

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