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Some rows have fewer columns and the values to the right of the missing ones move up. As a result, they are placed in the wrong column.


  • It looks like nb_visits_converted_returning is missing when the value is 0. In my local database, sum_visit_length_returning is even missing for one day. This day has bounce_rate_returning=100%, so sum_visit_length_returning would be 0 in this case as well.
  • The columns are already missing in the DataTable ($this->table) in Piwik_DataTable_Renderer_Csv.
  • It only happens when date=...,...: Take a look at the report for 2011-04-04,2011-04-05. 2011-04-04 is missing nb_visits_converted_returning. When you look at the report for only 2011-04-04, it has nb_visits_converted_returning=0, i.e. the column is not missing.
@mattab commented on November 11th 2011 Member

IMO VisitsFrequency should be deprecated in favor of using the segmentation API. See #2419 and #539

But hopefully this bug can be fixed too.

@BeezyT commented on November 22nd 2011 Member

I just experienced this bug again. In Referers.getRefererType, when there are goals for some days and not for others, some rows are wider than others.

When we combine the CSVs of the subperiods, we have to keep track of which columns exist und fill the rows that don't have some columns with empty values.

@mattab commented on May 28th 2012 Member

AFAIK it looks fixed, see: #3055

Please check and post a comment if not fixed!

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