@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on October 19th 2011

Since upgrade to Piwik 1.6, I've a segmentation fault when executing "archive.sh" via crontab.

If I execute "archive.sh" directly in commande line, it work without segmentation fault.

This is my report mail when cron failed :

Starting Piwik reports archiving...

Archiving period = day for idsite = 1...
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <result date="2011-08-29">1</result>
    <result date="2011-08-30" />
    <result date="2011-08-31">1</result>
    <result date="2011-09-01">1</result>
    <result date="2011-09-02" />
    <result date="2011-09-03">1</result>
    <result date="2011-09-04">4</result>
    <result date="2011-09-05">2</result>
    <result date="2011-09-06" />
    <result date="2011-09-07">2</result>
    <result date="2011-09-08" />
    <result date="2011-09-09" />
    <result date="2011-09-10" />
    <result date="2011-09-11" />
    <result date="2011-09-12" />
    <result date="2011-09-13" />
    <result date="2011-09-14">1</result>
    <result date="2011-09-15" />
    <result date="2011-09-16" />
    <result date="2011-09-17" />
    <result date="2011-09-18" />
    <result date="2011-09-19" />
    <result date="2011-09-20">1</result>
    <result date="2011-09-21">2</result>
    <result date="2011-09-22">2</result>
    <result date="2011-09-23" />
    <result date="2011-09-24" />
    <result date="2011-09-25" />
    <result date="2011-09-26">1</result>
    <result date="2011-09-27">1</result>
    <result date="2011-09-28" />
    <result date="2011-09-29">1</result>
    <result date="2011-09-30" />
    <result date="2011-10-01">1</result>
    <result date="2011-10-02" />
    <result date="2011-10-03" />
    <result date="2011-10-04">1</result>
    <result date="2011-10-05" />
    <result date="2011-10-06" />
    <result date="2011-10-07" />
    <result date="2011-10-08" />
    <result date="2011-10-09" />
    <result date="2011-10-10" />
    <result date="2011-10-11" />
    <result date="2011-10-12" />
    <result date="2011-10-13" />
    <result date="2011-10-14" />
    <result date="2011-10-15" />
    <result date="2011-10-16" />
    <result date="2011-10-17" />
    <result date="2011-10-18" />
    <result date="2011-10-19" />
</results>Segmentation fault

PHP 5.2.10.
MySQL 5.1.37

@mattab commented on November 28th 2011 Owner
@anonymous-piwik-user commented on December 12th 2011

I had the same problem and solved it by switching from archive.sh to archive.php.

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