@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on October 6th 2011

Hi Piwik Developers,

I just realized - hopefully just because I am too stupid to understand how it works - that I can only set a global "Do-Not-Track" cookie for the domain piwik is hosted on rather than for a single page piwik is measuring. Am I correct?

Let me try to explain my concern: I use a single Piwik instance but tracking several websites with it.
The Piwik instance itself is being hosted at let's say piwik.example.com. It tracks visitors on myfirstpage.com and mysecondpage.com.

Now, if I want to exclude my own visits for myfirstpage.com, how do I do that? If I go to settings to set the "Do-Not-Track" cookie, it just says it will prevent tracking my visits on piwik.example.com - however this page isn't being tracked at all as it is just the machine piwik is hosted on.

So I am looking for a way to exclude my own visits per domain/website configured in piwik rather than the domain of my piwik instance.

I would be very happy if someone can give a hint. Thanks in advance.

@robocoder commented on October 11th 2011 Contributor

This limitation of the ignore-cookie is a result of being a server generated cookie.

You could try using the DoNotTrack plugin, but it is system-wide and requires browser/add-on to use it.

This Issue was closed on October 11th 2011
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