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With the implementation of first party cookies in #409, the reliance on client-side cookie storage is growing. This is causing problems where sites are using multiple trackers and/or amassing more content in the cookie.


  • a single client side cookie per tracking server
  • server-side storage for the bulk of the corresponding cookie's contents
  • ability to track multiple site IDs

Benefits of a smaller cookie:

  • lowers risk of failed tracking requests; less overhead in the HTTP request
  • less data exposed to third-parties who peek into document.cookie


  • database: increased storage requirements; slower tracker performance; requires a cleanup mechanism (to mimic cookie expiry)
  • this is not going to be backwards compatible; so targeting for Piwik 2.0


  • piwik.js has become somewhat bloated; also, while the coding convention used allows for true private variables, JavaScript coding practices have moved towards the prototype model; so, we may want to consider this for a rewrite
  • the js/ proxy could browser sniff, and serve out a smaller version of piwik.js which uses the browser's native JSON (e.g., FF3.5+, IE8+; not sure about Safari/Chrome/Opera)
@mattab commented on December 14th 2012 Member

I thikn such work would be included in this ticket: #2750 Life Time Value of a customer (which will require a visitor store to keep of track of lifetime values)

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