@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on September 19th 2011

Hello everyone,

I would like to change the default GIF image returned by piwik but I can't figure out where to change this.

I'am using the Image tracker code: (<img src="" style="border:0" alt="" />

I would like to add a parameter to specify witch image I want or simply return an image that I specify the path somewhere.

A parameter can be a good solution to choose from multiple images.

Thank you.

@robocoder commented on September 19th 2011 Contributor

This was proposed in #50.

Because the piwik.php request must not be cached, we should to keep the response small. A custom image would add unnecessary overhead to requests using piwik.js, as the image isn't displayed.

Please accept the transparent pixel as-is.

If you want to promote Piwik, you're welcome to use a regular img tag linked to a static resource.

@robocoder commented on September 24th 2011 Contributor

Re-opening as I see Matt directed you in the forum to create this ticket.

A config file setting as Matt proposed would be the easiest to implement, e.g.,

; custom image to return when tracker URL includes &image=1
; should we have a default path to the piwik logo?
custom_image = /path/to/image
@mattab commented on September 25th 2011 Member

This feature could useful for those using the Image Tracker, but definitely not high priority ;)

This Issue was closed on September 3rd 2021
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