@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on September 17th 2011

If you are installing Piwik and go to the database setup page chrome will make Piwik give a cookie error that say you skipped a setup. IE and Firefox are unaffected.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on September 17th 2011

Attachment: IE working on the same website

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on September 17th 2011

Attachment: Error given when trying to install with chrome

@mattab commented on September 17th 2011 Member

Thanks for the report. What version of chrome do you use?

Can you reproduce the error each time when trying a new installation?

can you replicate on another Chrome browser?

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on September 17th 2011

I've used both Windows and Linux versions of Google's Official Chrome release. I haven't tried it with chromium but I suppose it doesn't work either.

Yes I can, I was stuck on that page for weeks now till the technical team at my host provider by chance tried it with another browser and told me it worked.

I dual boot and had previous installations of linux and windows with chrome which all failed. Never thought of trying another browser

@mattab commented on September 19th 2011 Member

I just tried with Chrome 14.0.835.163 m and it worked fine, I didn't see any error...

can you replicate on your Piwik on different chrome on different computers? if so please email me at matt at piwik.org your Piwik URL

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on September 20th 2011

Well it's already installed. http://stats.chrisportela.com

I'm not sure how much help I can be unless you need me to disable the stats for a while by renaming the config file. It's fine I guess since I'm still trying it out and figuring out any issues it might have as well as also still using statCounter has a check on the stats Piwik is reporting.

@robocoder commented on September 24th 2011 Contributor

Two possibilities:

  • the session file somehow became read-only. In which case, clearing your browser cookies might have been a workaround (i.e., new session).
  • Chrome mistakenly preloaded the next page (i.e., prerendered the next installation step), despite the absence of any prerendering hints.

Closing since this worksforus and is no longer reproduceable in your environment. If someone else encounters this, we'll hopefully get on top of it sooner.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on November 2nd 2011

Installation fails on Chrome (15.0.874.106), succeeds on Firefox (7.0.1) - same machine, Linux Fedora 15.

@robocoder commented on November 2nd 2011 Contributor

Works for me. I just did a fresh install of Chrome 15.0.874.106 on Ubuntu, and installed Piwik 1.6 without a hitch. Logged in just fine to the Dashboard.

Please try disabling all Chrome extensions.

This Issue was closed on November 2nd 2011
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