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If Autorefresh is bad for Google News, it might be the same for Piwik (i remember reading an article about how bad it was but can't retreive it and Google finally added a pref to deactivate it).

The ideal way of doing it in Piwik would be to add a checkbox directly on the All website page; the refresh would occur only if checked (wich could be the default).

The simplier way would be adding a setting in config.ini. This could be a simple On/Off (1/0) or the number of second for the refresh. Either way, if the number is zero, refresh is disabled.

After this is done, if using config.ini, the fact would need a new entry. ;-)

@mattab commented on September 17th 2011 Member

This setting already exists, see https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/config/global.ini.php#L218 See #2407

    ; In "All Websites" dashboard, when looking at today's reports (or a date range including today),
    ; the page will automatically refresh every 5 minutes. Set to 0 to disable automatic refresh
    multisites_refresh_after_seconds = 300
@anonymous-matomo-user commented on September 18th 2011

Thanks, sorry for the duplicate.
Now i know where to look for (new) config parameters (in global).

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