@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on September 7th 2011

I'm operating a few webcam sites where a few unpolite visitors reload the start pages many thousand times. In the 1.5.1 Live! plug-in, I've spotted an unexpected 'visiting time ceiling' of 18 hours 12 minutes. Visits longer then that still seem to be analyzed/processed correctly. It's just the time in the table header that clips.
Keywords: Live plug-in

@mattab commented on September 10th 2011 Member

Can you please post screenshots of the bug, and also show the log_visit rows for these visitors? Thank you

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on September 12th 2011

Piwik screenshots of two huge sessions, both erroneously ending after 18h 12m:
Hundreds of similar pages are following after the first ones...

Logfile accross both sessions (and a few more short ones) filtered to that visitor's IP:
These are accesses to / only, all child accesses have been stripped.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on September 13th 2011

18h 12m 15s equals 65535s - which is exactly (2^16)-1

@mattab commented on September 13th 2011 Member

OK, I think this is an acceptable bug. Otherwise we could maybe rename it to "More than 18h 12min" ?

@sgiehl commented on September 13th 2011 Member

I guess the problem is the database definition. In the log_visit table the field visit_total_time is a smallint(5). Well, smallint can't store values above 65535. We could change the fieldtype to int, that would fix this problem.

@mattab commented on September 27th 2011 Member

Sorry, I prefer marking this one as a "known documented display bug" rather than increase the field size to BIGINT which would have performance overhead. It is not common for piwik to track visitors for more than 18h, since it sounds like a bot and we generally exclude bots. in fact maybe this bot should not be tracked via IP exclusion or upcoming user agent exclusion... #2375

This Issue was closed on September 27th 2011
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