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In my keyword list,
there is always an "a" from baidu.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on August 17th 2011

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@anonymous-matomo-user commented on August 24th 2011

This may help: http://betterwp.net/wordpress-tips/get-search-keywords-from-referrer/

In this part

    // Check some major search engines to get the correct query var
    $search_engines = array(
        'q' => 'alltheweb|aol|ask|ask|bing|google',
        'p' => 'yahoo',
        'wd' => 'baidu'

It seems that baidu uses the parameter name wd for the search string, maybe the error is related with the name of the parameter for the search string.

@robocoder commented on August 24th 2011 Contributor

The problem isn't the parameter name. (We already check for wd, word, and kw -- the latter being some variants.)

The problem is encoding. We'll check to see if Baidu has changed their encoding. If it's still gb2312, then the problem is either your php doesn't have the iconv and mbstring extensions, or your server is missing the iconv libraries needed for the encoding conversion.

@robocoder commented on September 3rd 2011 Contributor

Can you look in your Apache access log, and post the raw referrer URL from baidu? Thanks.

@robocoder commented on September 3rd 2011 Contributor

(I'm guessing the URL is encoding some characters, in which case the fix from #2631 will probably help.)

@robocoder commented on September 10th 2011 Contributor

No response. Closing. Can re-investigate if feedback to comment:4 is received.

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