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In case you are using intra website campaign links, or if the visitor comes back on your site from a different website and is registered as a different campaign, we could automatically create a new visit.

There would be only 1 unique visitor, but 2 visits, if the visitor comes back to the site less than 30 min ago with the same browser but a different campaign parameters combination.

Proposed steps

  • implemented as a setting, enabled by default: tracker_create_new_visit_when_campaign_changes
  • we could also have the same setting for websites
    Enabling these 2 settings would mean that all referrer data would be tracked.
  • maybe also available via a JavaScript option? (what does GA offer here and should we do similar?)
    Visits will be slightly increased but this should be really insignificant.


This change would result in more accurate tracking, better campaign attribution. IT would also allow to use Piwik to do internal campaign tracking which would be a very useful feature to have for some websites.

See also #2567 and #2468. Note: this was discussed a few times in the forums and was implemented in GA recently.

@diosmosis commented on December 12th 2014 Member
@asafyish commented on January 1st 2015

How would this affect AdvancedCampaignReporting ?
As of now, When a visitor comes back (within 30 minutes) with different utm_source, there is no new visit, and the original utm_source remains. Will this change that behaviour ? (I hope so)

@mattab commented on January 5th 2015 Member

How would this affect AdvancedCampaignReporting ?

This does not affect the AdvancedCampaignReporting plugin actually. Could you create an issue in the repo there? we could make the INI setting work for AdvancedCampaignReporting too with some extra work

@diosmosis commented on January 5th 2015 Member

@mattab It should affect AdvancedCampaignReporting, I remember changing the expected test results.

@mattab commented on January 5th 2015 Member

It doesn't really work though, because the logic in isReferrerInformationNew reads the fields array('referer_keyword', 'referer_name', 'referer_type') but AdvancedCampaignReporting stores the campaign info in other campaign_* fields

@diosmosis commented on January 5th 2015 Member

@mattab Oh I remember, in Tracker::addDimensionsToRow, it sets the referer_name/referer_type/referer_keyword, I guess that's enough to make it work for AdvancedCampaignReporting? Or maybe just in the case of the test.

@mattab commented on February 17th 2015 Member

Added FAQ to document this feature: https://piwik.org/faq/how-to/faq_19616/

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