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Placeholder for Segmentation analytics feature improvements.

See the following tickets:

  • #2437 Segmentation support "select visits which visited this URL"
  • #2135 Segmentation: implement UI for adding/editing segments, and switching segments
  • #2781 Support $segment in API Goals.getItems*

See notes in comments for other suggestions

@mattab commented on August 3rd 2011 Member
@peterbo commented on August 25th 2011 Contributor

Beside of the segment "visitConverted" which indicates if a visitor has reached a goal, another segment like "visitConvertedGoalId" would be great which indicates that a visitor has reached a certain goal with a given Goal-ID.

E.g. - display all E-Commerce Orders of visitors that contacted the support before they converted.

@mattab commented on September 11th 2011 Member

All mentioned ideas are in specific tickets: #2653, #2633

@mattab commented on November 14th 2011 Member


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